In the modern world the clothes carry out not only the basic function - to cover the person from a bad weather, it gives to people individuality and unites them in various social groups. In each of such groups I operate special norms in fashion.
From the moment of origin of statehood officials and military men wore dresses distinct from other people.

The uniform is a necessary attribute of statehood or subordinated culture and means to show the importance and the status.

Strict demands were always made to quality and a uniform kind. State standards were created on the basis of necessary requirements to quality of uniform, its distinctive signs, the developed traditions.

Observance of state standards and manufacture of qualitative uniform here that helps our company to count on large state orders annually. On the statistican, more than 70 % of orders to us regular customers provide.


We have made celebratory uniforms for participants of Parades of the Victory 1995, 2000 and Sewed suits for participants of Youthful Olympic Games 1998 and 2002 2005
We had been created the complete set of uniform for members of the Russian Delegation of Session the IOC of 2001 in Moscow.

Certainly, the uniform is developed taking into account a modern fashion on business clothes and at an individual approach to a figure.

ABRIS-LUX Carries out exclusive orders for tailoring of the form for the higher rank of civil servants and generals of all combat arms. The unique modern equipment, long-term experience of performance of such works, use of a fabric from the best world manufacturers, computer technologies of modeling are our trumps.

Fifteen-year experience of tailoring of uniform a guarantee of reliability of business relations.

It is possible to rely on us!
We sell only result!



Conformity of the price and quality in favor of the last. At a full spectrum of services you won't find more favourable official parity.
Under the obligations we bear the LIABILITY before the partner-customer.
We not intermediaries, not secondhand dealers, and are engaged in the professional business. And for a long time already.
Our experts are both technologists, and pathfinders, and advisers. The knowledge of the partner - the customer, spirit of its corporate culture, the purpose in corporate clothes is professional etiquette ABRIS-LUX.


Tailoring of products from 1 units and service possibility (repair of a product as a result of damage, product adjustment on volume, length in case of change of dimensional signs);
You always, at any moment of order execution, can check up a course of works.
All production, to order, will be accepted by you in exact conformity with an approved sample.
Use of the warehouse, fitting rooms of cabins and service ABRIS-LUX will relieve you of "HEADACHE" on delivery to employees of ready-to-wear clothes. Your employees will come to us on a warehouse, and to take away one by one products, specifying thus the size.

All customers


The additional information:


Having dinner at restaurant, traveling onboard an air liner, visiting hospital, court, police station or bank, you, without reflecting, address for the help to the expert in uniform. After all you are assured, the person in the form, a uniform, a medical dressing gown or a jacket with a company emblem can operatively help and answer to you all questions.

What distinguishes firemen, customs officers, employees of protection or militia from extraneous people, the football player of Russian national team from the football player of other country? You already know the answer are a uniform.

The uniform throughout many years remains attribute of the power, professionalism and reliability. The uniform urged to allocate the person from crowd.

Uniform - identical on style, breed, color and a fabric office clothes for creation of uniform shape of group of people.

Uniform tailoring the challenge demanding performance , rigid requirements to and to appearance. The company Abris-lux is engaged in tailoring of uniform more than 15 years, we sewed clothes for carrying out of parades on Red Square, for sportsmen of the Olympic games, for employees of the large Russian companies.

Uniform for military men.

Uniform for military men name a uniform or the military form is more often.

The military form the clothes of the established sample sewed from a fabric of certain colors and quality, having special distinctive signs in a kind an epaulet, stripes, emblems.

Carrying of the military form necessarily for all military units and combat arms. It is accepted to distinguish the smart and marching (field) military form.

Uniform of Armed forces of the Russian Federation the sample of quality, modern technologies and historical last our state. Now there is a replacement of the military form of Armed forces by uniform of the new sample, different the new design improved by quality and functionality.

Uniform for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and civil servants.

Police officers, the Ministry of Emergency Measures, customs, the ministries of justices of the law are obliged to carry the established sample uniform.

Such uniform is various at each state structure, function which it carries out one has own symbolics, design, color, the fabric invoice, but: to allocate the employee in a society.

To uniform of civil servants carry headdresses, footwear, summer and winter samples of uniform, the top uniform.

Uniform for physicians.

White medical dressing gown the uniform allocating representatives of this noble trade already more of hundred years.

The modern physician needs various kinds of uniform. The medical uniform is the hi-tech uniform giving a uniform kind to doctors and attendants of hospitals and medical institutions.

Uniform for security services.

Concluding the contract on protection with , creating security services, the majority of businessmen attach special significance to appearance of employees of protection.

The modern employee of security service should have well on it sitting, convenient and functional uniform from qualitative materials.

Tailoring of uniform for employees of the security enterprises and security services a problem demanding an individual approach to a figure of each employee.

Uniform for employees of airlines.

Pilots, stewardesses, stewards, employees of the airport are the people providing your comfort and safety at air flight.

All employees of airline should have remembered, interesting uniform. The uniform of employees of airline is a part of its image, advertizing, a corporate style and reliability indicator.

Uniform for hotel and restaurant business.

Employees of restaurants and hotels: , cooks, waiters, a reception, parlourmaids, door-keepers, managers and managers the people creating image of the company and cooperating with clients directly, are simply obliged to differ culture of dialogue and faultless appearance.

And such appearance to them will be given by the qualitative uniform sewed to order in our company. Tailoring of uniform for hotel and restaurant business a problem not less difficult, than tailoring of man's suits or military uniforms.

Uniform for sportsmen.

Each football fan knows, at least, some tens the soccer teams which form helps it to distinguish football players of one command from sportsmen from another.

Uniform of sports clubs, trainer's structure and the personnel serving them the sample of a corporate style, pride of victories and the demand for leadership.

Tailoring of uniform for sportsmen one of lines of activity of the company Abris-lux.

Uniform for pupils and students.

The school uniform in Soviet Union was obligatory for carrying. In modern Russia pupils carry uniform only in grammar schools and lycees.

The uniform gives to pupils uniform appearance, adjusts for study, creates equality atmosphere in collective.

Tailoring of uniform for schools - a unique line of activity in our country, realized by our experts is a lot of years.

Uniform pride of the company.

The uniform the card of the person, the company or the state structure, it is irreplaceable in areas where it is necessary to be guided quickly among people.

Tailoring of uniform it isn't simple tailoring. At uniform tailoring it is necessary to be guided not by own design workings out, and precisely to observe the requirements, shown STATE VOLUME and the customer.

The company Abris-lux is ready to execute tailoring of quality uniform for absolutely different directions of business and the state structures. Our long-term experience on tailoring pledge of successful cooperation!


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