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Conformity of the price and quality in favor of the last. At a full spectrum of services you won't find more favourable official parity.
Under the obligations we bear the LIABILITY before the partner-customer.
We not intermediaries, not secondhand dealers, and are engaged in the professional business. And for a long time already.
Our experts are both technologists, and pathfinders, and advisers. The knowledge of the partner - the customer, spirit of its corporate culture, the purpose in corporate clothes is professional etiquette ABRIS-LUX.


Tailoring of products from 1 units and service possibility (repair of a product as a result of damage, product adjustment on volume, length in case of change of dimensional signs);
You always, at any moment of order execution, can check up a course of works.
All production, пошиваемая to order, will be accepted by you in exact conformity with an approved sample.
Use of the warehouse, fitting rooms of cabins and service ABRIS-LUX will relieve you of "HEADACHE" on delivery to employees of ready-to-wear clothes. Your employees will come to us on a warehouse, and to take away one by one products, specifying thus the size.

All customers

The center of industrial design, designing and tailoring of corporate clothes ABRIS-LUX has honor to offer you the services in manufacturing of a corporate uniform and uniform for your company. Profile of our company: working out, manufacturing and tailoring of corporate clothes, taking into account a corporate style and wishes of the concrete customer.

We carry out all spectrum of works on design and tailoring of corporate clothes on own manufacture located in Moscow. The basis of our company is a qualified personnel (that the hi-tech modern equipment (Rotondi, Maier, Juki, Brother, Graphtec proves to be true numerous awards), Hoffman), the Italian school of designing of samples of clothes, taking into account a complex of computer modeling «Grafis», the broadest assortment of fabrics and materials of leading world manufacturers, optimum selection of a fabric taking into account requirements to a corporate suit and uniform of your company, warehouse for operative performance of urgent deliveries of a corporate uniform and uniform, possibility of removal of individual measurements in our fitting room or on territories of your company and, of course, a wide experience and high quality at performance of orders!

In the field of tailoring of corporate clothes and a uniform to us trust many large companies of Russia, long-term partner contracts guarantee stability of the company. ABRIS-LUX, from its part, provides faultless appearance of employees of the companies - of partners, and, hence, and high image. Enter club ABRIS-LUX - and be always in a stylish and fashionable environment of high standards of corporate culture!

In any time convenient for you we are ready to hold a meeting for formation of the exclusive offer for your company, to show presentation of production and to give test samples of corporate suits and uniform.

We will help you to be even more successful!


We will help you to be even more successful!


4/29/2010 | it is urgent!

Костюм для среднего класса.In Salon the new collection of summer fabrics FINTES and HOLLAND and SHERRY has arrived. Fabrics of mainly light tones: beige, gray, blue, лавандовый. «Cold wool of an interlacing of threads raised крутки, mixed fabrics with flax, a clap, silk - all it at your order.

4/20/2010 | Office clothes - the tool of strengthening business of positions.

The corporate clothes or uniform concerns necessary attributes of maintenance of image of the company. The companies saving on uniform, negatively influence not only the status, but also worsen relations in collective.

8/10/2009 | a Dress-code for the businessman «Meet on одежке» — Russian proverb says.

And the suit of the businessman is just that «одежка» which can help to hide the outstanding personality behind a strict facade of a dress-code.


9/27/2008 | the Suit for middle class.

Company ABRIS-LUX and its founder Igor Nikiforov have set for itself an ambitious problem to give to the Russian sewing industry of a man's suit the well-known Italian glamour


Office clothes.

The clothes in the modern world are an effective way of information transfer. In the conditions of corporate culture of a rule of carrying of clothes are united by concept of a dress-code.

Office clothes are the business clothes intended for mass use among younger staff of the company: clerks, experts and other workers directly cooperating with clients and partners of the company.

Uniform appearance of employees of the company positively influences unity of collective, command spirit, adjusts on a business harmony of employees, disciplines them.

Well sewed and qualitative office clothes are a continuation of corporate style of the company. The business form of office clothes doesn't distract from work employees of the company, its clients.

For the company introduction of a dress-code and use of office clothes is a way to raise labor productivity and to create favorable image. As, it is one of ways to show reliability, success and the organization status.

We put soul and forces in manufacture of clothes of excellent quality and if you search for office clothes, address for it to us!

Business clothes.

The business clothes are an important part of clothes of the modern person.

The business clothes unessentially should be conservative and strict. The main thing that in it it was convenient to work.

The business clothes should adjust the person on a business harmony, shouldn't distract from work and prevent to concentrate.

To pick up the business suit which is ideally suited for you and your business is a hard problem. At times it is very important to receive consultation at the stylist.

For decades of work we save up a wide experience in sphere of manufacture of clothes. We with pleasure will help to pick up that variant of business clothes which will help you to achieve the greatest success.

Business clothes.

«Meet on одежке …» is a part of a saying, so also quintessence of popular wisdom.

Especially it concerns the people directly cooperating with clients and partners of the company at the highest level. They should look always tidy, carry the clean clothes corresponding to corporate and business styles.

At meetings and press conferences it is necessary, that the employee representing face of the company has been dressed in a good suit from expensive fabric, sewed under it personally. After all image of this person will influence image of the company as a whole.

Having ordered having sewed business of clothes Abris-Lux, you receive qualitative business clothes on a figure, after all manufacture of clothes for us is more than simply business, it also art.

Corporate clothes.

Corporate clothes – business clothes with specially developed corporate style, sewed to individual measures for each employee.

The corporate culture, business etiquette, брендбук, a dress-code – these concepts get in Russian business to environment the increasing value every year. It is known that a share of the Russian companies where the dress-code operates, and it is accepted to wear corporate clothes, has increased in the last two days with 8 to 16 percent.

The corporate clothes are not only appearance of employees, she also urged to create certain advertizing. The potential client, having seen the person in corporate clothes, should understand at once, in what company this person works, and to receive association with a product or service which can be got there.

The corporate clothes should be face of the company. Therefore at tailoring and manufacture of corporate clothes logo drawing is used. In corporate clothes stripes, silk-screen printing, a flexography can be used.

The corporate clothes sewed to individual measures and from a qualitative material, will give to the employee of confidence and will lift prestige of all company in the opinion of clients. Corporate clothes Abris-Lux - the sample of business clothes of the first-rate quality.

We with pleasure will help you to pick up those corporate clothes which are necessary for you!


As uniform understand sewed on individual measures and with strict observance of standards special clothes.

Uniform – attribute of professionalism, the power, reliability.

Medical dressing gowns, military and militian uniforms, the form of civil servants, school uniform, suits of security services, clothes for sportsmen – all is uniform.

We offer you uniform of unique quality.

Uniform tailoring in our company is made from high-quality materials and on the individual sizes. Use of computer modeling in clothes manufacture allows to achieve strict observance of the quality standards shown by the customer.

Firm clothes.

Abris-Lux - Officially registered trademark.

Firm clothes Abris-Lux differ quality, original design, the history.

Tailoring of firm clothes is made on the modern equipment with use of methods of computer modeling. We use fabrics from known world manufacturers. Our designers учувствуют in displays in Russia and abroad.

Manufacture of firm clothes Abris-Lux has been organized 15 years ago, and today Abris-Lux is dynamically developing brand of man's and female stylish business clothes.

Michael Sedyh


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