Dress-code for the businessman


   .Meet on clothes Russian proverb says. And the suit of the businessman is just that which can help to hide the outstanding personality behind a strict facade of a dress-code.

Thus the business suit is capable to reflect the status of the owner. Not without reason in our century of eclecticism businessmen prefer to adhere in classics clothes. And it isn't casual, after all is competent and with taste picked up look is a card of the businessman: anything superfluous, all only in essence.

And it is valid, at important negotiations nothing should distract from conversation and especially to give out to the interlocutor any personal predilections with which can be manipulated.
At once it would be desirable to notice that all presented models are clothes of one mark and are developed by the professional stylist. In these photos the collection of summer man's suits is presented. Attractive and monotonous, as, however, and all man's fashion! How designers tried to introduce new attributes in a man's suit or simply to play with the form and the color, all these experiments, basically, remain on a podium. And in life we see all same jackets, trousers, jeans and vests. And, thank God! I conservatively approach to an image of the man: it should be and at the same time is elegant.

Such suit is desirable in clothes of each man. However the sports jacket does its pertinent more for weekend, than for work at office.


In this case the stylist has combined classical and sports styles. It has turned out beautifully and elegantly. Such variant approaches for the people who are not working at office more.


Very pleasant suit. However, I would advise to change some details. In particular, length of a sleeve of a shirt more than it is necessary. (All the same the cuff should look out of a sleeve of a jacket of centimeter on two, a maximum three. But it is no more!) and a tie for this image too it is possible to pick up less intricate.


, a checkered light jacket and black trousers it is modern,
But, perhaps, very contrastly. I would change a shirt or a jacket. And, certainly, in this complete set and the tie asks it would unite top and a bottom.


Simple and convenient suit for the modern businessman. We see the guy from our city: the such programmer walks to us towards. And all of us are very glad to it!
On a photo the collection of studio of a classical suit ABRIS-LUX is presented


Business Excellence #8 ` 09
Oksana Yarmolnik


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