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11.05.2010 | Fabrics VITALE BARBERIS ease and a cool during a summer season!!

Костюм для среднего класса.VITALE BARBERIS - wool and silk give combinations of unique ease, sensation of a cool and sparkling pleasure. A summer collection for your choice.


29.04.2010 | Urgently !

Костюм для среднего класса.In Salon the new collection of summer fabrics FINTES and HOLLAND and SHERRY has arrived. Fabrics of mainly light tones: beige, gray, blue, лавандовый. «Cold wool of an interlacing of threads raised крутки, mixed fabrics with flax, a clap, silk - all it at your order.


20.04.2010 | Office clothes - the tool of strengthening business of positions.

Костюм для среднего класса.The corporate clothes or uniform concerns necessary attributes of maintenance of image of the company. The companies saving on uniform, negatively influence not only the status, but also worsen relations in collective...


10.08.2009 | Dress-code for the businessman «Meet on одежке» — Russian proverb says.

Dress-код для бизнесмена «Встречают по одежке» — гласит русская пословица.And the suit of the businessman is just that «одежка» which can help to hide the outstanding personality behind a strict facade of a dress-code...


27.09.2008 | Suit for middle class.

Офисная одежда - инструмент усиления бизнес позицийCompany ABRIS-LUX and its founder Igor Nikiforov have set for itself an ambitious problem to give to the Russian sewing industry of a man's suit the well-known Italian glamour...


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