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Company ABRIS-LUX successfully works since 1995
Long-term experience of our experts provides high quality of all carried out works.
The decision of the Russian and Moscow Funds of Protection of the rights of consumers in 2005, 2006 to firm ABRIS-LUX appropriates a rank «the Best in Moscow» with delivery of the corresponding Certificate.

Our corporate customers are: Open Society "Alpha bank" (about three thousand persons a year), "Management company" the Alpha capital "," KB of Moskommertsbank », the Moscow International Airport" Domodedovo ", power structures of the Russian Federation, Joint-Stock Company« Bank the Russian Standard », Bank" Āčņąń ", the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of a science and the Industrial Policy, Cultures of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Mayoralty of Moscow and deputies of the Moscow municipal duma, the Olympic Committee of Russia, Union Gornopromyshlennikov of Russia,« Volgotanker ĄĢŃ », hotels" ?aµ?«?a?y ","Tver", Dip.korpus of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the American cosmetic company« MARY KAY », jazz ensemble under control of O.Lundstrema, theaters" Satires ", to it. Āąõņąķćīāą,« Platforms "," the Satyricon »it of Arcady Raikin, MKhAT, GUK ĢŅ« the New Opera »it E.V.Kolobova and many other things.

We have made equipment for veterans-participants of Parades of the Victory 1995, 2000 and 2005 (more than 3 thousand persons), participants of Youthful Olympic Games 1998 and 2002, the complete set of firm clothes to participants of the Russian delegation of Session the IOC of 2001 in Moscow, in December, 2002 became winners of the All-Russia Exhibition at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre «Buy Russian» in nominations «Man's business suit», «the Female business suit».

Within the limits of this action has been sewed, so-called «Clothes of the businessman» for leaders of all Duma fractions of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the creative collective worked over creation of a collection of clothes for Fashion house "Valentine Yudashkin" spring-summer of 2003 under sketches of the designer.

The basic specialization of firm ABRIS-LUX is manufacturing business, evening and daily socks of suits for men and women. There are two «line business»: clothes to standard measures which is on sale in shops and clothes on the concrete customer (corporate or individual).
The uniform concept of created clothes will be developed for you.

Each complete set of clothes will be designed with use of system of computer designing «Grafis». We will provide departure of our experts in offices for the organized measurement and definition of dimensional signs convenient time.

We thank for the attention shown to our company!

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