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Well sewed and qualitative office clothes are continuation of corporate style of the company! Company ABRIS Ц LUX helps the clients to choose more than fifteen years that format of office clothes which is capable to bring success in their business and comfort in work.

Office clothes are the business clothes intended for mass use among younger staff of the company: clerks, experts and other workers.

What gives use of office clothes?

Uniform appearance of employees of the company positively influences unity of collective, command spirit, adjusts on a business harmony of employees, disciplines them.

The business form of office clothes doesn't distract from work of employees and clients.


For the company introduction of office clothes is a way to raise labor productivity and to create favorable image.

As it is one of ways to show reliability, success and the organization status.

One of obstacles for introduction of office clothes is Not understanding with
The parties of employees. Many consider it as infringement of the rights and don't want to pay for an innovation from the purse.

It is reflected both in appearance of employees, and on image of the company.

Office clothes, made-to-order in our company are an exit from an inconvenient situation.

We offer favourable conditions and the quality of work guaranteed by long-term experience.

ABRIS-LUX Is a reliable partner of your business!



Conformity of the price and quality in favor of the last. At a full spectrum of services you won't find more favourable official parity.
Under the obligations we bear the LIABILITY before the partner-customer.
We not intermediaries, not secondhand dealers, and are engaged in the professional business. And for a long time already.
Our experts are both technologists, and pathfinders, and advisers. The knowledge of the partner - the customer, spirit of its corporate culture, the purpose in corporate clothes is professional etiquette ABRIS-LUX.


Tailoring of products from 1 units and service possibility (repair of a product as a result of damage, product adjustment on volume, length in case of change of dimensional signs);
You always, at any moment of order execution, can check up a course of works.
All production, пошиваема€ to order, will be accepted by you in exact conformity with an approved sample.
Use of the warehouse, fitting rooms of cabins and service ABRIS-LUX will relieve you of "HEADACHE" on delivery to employees of ready-to-wear clothes. Your employees will come to us on a warehouse, and to take away one by one products, specifying thus the size.

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The additional information:

Office clothes, this observance of the general corporate fashion set by a management of office. The clothes are the card of the person. Office clothes are a card you, as member of team. People at the first a meeting without knowing your business qualities, estimate you in a current of the first 10 seconds on clothes. And the further business relations will be under construction with the account and your clothes. Therefore the right choice of office clothes is very important.

Style of office clothes obliges to be reserved - strict. Office style has certain standards of clothes which have small deviations from the general standard depending on an office management. The uniform cut at office for the woman should be elegant (but not so fitting). From men at office the dark business suit, a shirt is required and at desire a tie.

It is possible to carry to advantages of office clothes:
- Represents the company serious, stable, reliable;
- Creation of working atmosphere;
- Rallies collective.

But during too time office clothes, shouldn't restrain freedom and hide individuality of the worker. The clothes at office are one of ways to lift productivity and overall performance of work. The clothes for office can be impressive, creative clothes or is simply esthetic.

The clothes can be daily or office clothes, but even in gray everyday life accessories can introduce individuality. For women at office can diversify office clothes scarfs, scarves, earrings, handbags. Men can underline the individual style in clothes cuff links, hours, ties. And the correct picked up color of office suit, and clothes cut always will give individuality to clothes. The beauty of clothes, consists in that of what the clothes become. Correctly picked up clothes always will underline your advantages, and not correctly picked up clothes on the size or a style can give a slovenly kind to the person. What cut of clothes as the clothes on a figure "sit", all details will play further a role. Clothes and the more so office clothes as it is not banal, as good packing for a worthy thing. Meet on clothes, see off on mind - known wisdom says all, doesn't lose an urgency and to this day.

The structure of fabrics gives to clothes those necessary lines, allocating business clothes, from daily or sportswear. When only was found дресс Ц a code, in one American office, in rules was it is accurately registered from what the fabric and as office clothes should look should to consist, now many has left in the past. But correctly picked up fabric for clothes plays not a small role, and presently. The clothes at office or in winter time too in many companies differ in the summer, not only on fabrics! The woman should have in the clothes some silk blouses, and certainly for corporate evenings an evening dress which will create good mood for all day. The management of many companies gives due value, to appearance of employees of offices, and certainly in head, office clothes.

Good office clothes the keystone to success in life!


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