The first meeting


After your first call on computer - phone
нии ABRIS-LUX or electronic correspondence you choose the convenient
For you time also is appointed a meeting.

According to your desire ours spetsia -
The sheet can approach in office
Your company, but it is better if
You will spend the first meeting
On manufacture ABRIS-LUX.

Important at the first meeting:

To be convinced personally in
conformity pleasant to you
Information on a site and it
Realities in sew a clod -

- To look at quality vypus -
каемой production, landing on
To figure to touch an image -
цы fabrics in the catalog make -

- To get acquainted with experts,
Responsible for execution of all dogo -
ворных obligations ABRIS-LUX;

- To tell as much as possible in detail about the order, those -
нических parameters, your wishes
(And even REQUIREMENTS), who from sotrud -
Nicknames of your company will carry
These clothes and for what it serves;

- To learn the information about uslo -
виях executions of your order
(The price, terms etc.);

- To receive the contract draft with

- To learn history ABRIS-LUX
On photos, diplo -
Mums, to certificates;

- To reveal a number of advantages
In comparison with conditions
Other firms;

– Reliable, executive,
Always understanding you.

From quality of carrying out of the first meeting
The embodiment of idea of yours will depend
The order in finished articles.



Conformity of the price and quality in favor of the last. At a full spectrum of services you won't find more favourable official parity.
Under the obligations we bear the LIABILITY before the partner-customer.
We not intermediaries, not secondhand dealers, and are engaged in the professional business. And for a long time already.
Our experts are both technologists, and pathfinders, and advisers. The knowledge of the partner - the customer, spirit of its corporate culture, the purpose in corporate clothes is professional etiquette ABRIS-LUX.


Tailoring of products from 1 units and service possibility (repair of a product as a result of damage, product adjustment on volume, length in case of change of dimensional signs);
You always, at any moment of order execution, can check up a course of works.
All production, пошиваемая to order, will be accepted by you in exact conformity with an approved sample.
Use of the warehouse, fitting rooms of cabins and service ABRIS-LUX will relieve you of "HEADACHE" on delivery to employees of ready-to-wear clothes. Your employees will come to us on a warehouse, and to take away one by one products, specifying thus the size.

All customers



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