Acceptance of ready-to-wear clothes by the customer


According to conditions of the signed Contract
Terms of performance of all works are defined in
The appendix also are obligatory
To execution. In writing we infor -
мируем you about readiness of all party
Production. At us are created all
Conditions for comfortable work
In finished goods warehouse on
To acceptance of your Order.

Finished goods acceptance
Occurs in conformity
To quality of an approved sample.







Organo-Leptichesky sposo -
бом, at good osveshche -
нии, on dummies you about -
веряете our work.
All products pereschityva -
ются, are packed and goto -
вятся to shipment.

But if as a result of check
Finished goods you obnaru -
жите deviations from the sample-this -
Bosoms such products it is obligatory
Come back to alteration and soon
Will be shown anew.

ABRIS-LUX Bears material otvetstven -
ность for result of the work also gives a quality assurance!



Conformity of the price and quality in favor of the last. At a full spectrum of services you won't find more favourable official parity.
Under the obligations we bear the LIABILITY before the partner-customer.
We not intermediaries, not secondhand dealers, and are engaged in the professional business. And for a long time already.
Our experts are both technologists, and pathfinders, and advisers. The knowledge of the partner - the customer, spirit of its corporate culture, the purpose in corporate clothes is professional etiquette ABRIS-LUX.


Tailoring of products from 1 units and service possibility (repair of a product as a result of damage, product adjustment on volume, length in case of change of dimensional signs);
You always, at any moment of order execution, can check up a course of works.
All production, пошиваемая to order, will be accepted by you in exact conformity with an approved sample.
Use of the warehouse, fitting rooms of cabins and service ABRIS-LUX will relieve you of "HEADACHE" on delivery to employees of ready-to-wear clothes. Your employees will come to us on a warehouse, and to take away one by one products, specifying thus the size.

All customers



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