The coordination and contract signing

The coordination and contract signing


If the impression of the first meeting was a polo -
жительным, and experts ABRIS - LUX
Were pleasant benevolence,
By step and attentiveness to you also it is put -
лям the future Order you can
To choose our sewing company
As partner.

If such decision has taken place,
That we start discussion
Performance of the order and podpi -
санию Contracts.

We never insist
On the text only ours about -
екта Contracts. Yours juridi -
ческая or legal service
Probably recommends the
The prepared document.
We not against.

The text of Contract ABRIS - LUX -
- The document fulfilled in the years,
Considering nuances and spetsi -
фику performance difficult indivi -
The dual order. A choice again for you.
The contract which we will be
To make out, contains Appendices with the sketch

Models, the technical specification, razmero-rosto -
вочной a scale, the report соглаcования
The prices for each kind of model, the general
By all works, for izgoto -
вления a ready consignment of goods.

It is according to your desire possible
Departure of experts ABRIS -
LUX in office of your company
For the help in definition
Typology of a figure and sosta -
вления размеро - rostovoch -
Ache scales. On the separate
Employees we will sew to an ode -
I wait on the individual
To the sizes.

It is defined also by you.
Here priority will be
статусность or considerable
Deviation of the individual
Dimensional signs from ГОСТов

The contract necessarily ustanavliva -
ABRIS-LUX Before the customer.

We give the guarantee
Obligations on all production!

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